Our Vinery

Wine making tradition in Herzegovina goes back to
distant history. Historical sources guide us to Thracians,
people who brought grape wine to this area and Illyrians
as originators of grape growing and viniculture on this area.
Despite prolific history, difficulties of World War II almost
destroyed grape growing in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Luckily,
back in the 50s of the last century revival of grape growing
and viniculture occurred as well as the beginning of modern
techniques and technologies in cultivating grapes and wine
making at grand mills.

The appearance of small or medium sized modern wineries is the
reflection of keeping up with the recent trends on world’s wine scene
and reflects a certain revolution in cultivation of grape wine and wine
making in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Rubis Winery, having its roots in
traditional family viticulture and viniculture of Mr. Mate Mandarić and
his ancestors, represents modern revolution focused on improvement
of traditional and implementation of modern in its magic search
for wine perfection.